Alternative Healing

The Powers of Alternative Healing

The process of recovery has many layers. When one enters treatment there is a great need for healing the mind, body and soul. If substance abuse is a problem you are struggling with, it is affecting your overall sense of well-being.  Being under the influence makes it impossible to think clearly.  When you are sober for times in between it still leaves you foggy and often times feeling depressed or anxious.  Drinking or drugging is also hard on the body from a physical standpoint.

Good nutrition and taking care of your physical state are not a priority if you are abusing your body with harmful substances.  At Tranquil Shores we understand the various needs of our clients especially when it comes to finding peace and serenity.


Healing Benefits of Acupuncture in Recovery

Drum Therapy

Healing Benefits of Drum Therapy

Kai Chi Do

How Kai Chi Do Can Help You On Your Path To Recovery

Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Massage Therapy


How Qigong Aids In Recovery From Addiction


The Healing Powers of Yoga


How Meditation Can Help You Overcome Addiction

Is Alternative Healing Right For You?

The alternative healing program is directed toward helping clients fulfill their potential in matters of heart and soul. On any given Tuesday morning you will find our clients engaging in acupuncture, meditation or Yoga. Other favorites include Gong meditation, a guided meditation integrated with the vibration sounds of a gong and Kai Chi Do, a breathing while dancing activity that puts a smile on most who try it the first time.

Many find their rhythm with the drum connection. Each client is given a drum to follow the beat of the leader and then directed to create their own beats. While others prefer the tapping technique that focuses on anxiety and depression.

Studies show that the holistic approach to healing has been proven to contribute to the well-being of those suffering from addiction. Tranquil Shores is committed to offering a broad spectrum of healing alternatives in an effort to bring about the calm so many of our clients are craving.

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