Depression and Substance Abuse Treatment

Everyone goes through bad days. Whether it’s caused by problems at home, at work or in our relationships, we all have bad days in our lives. For many, the low periods are temporary and can be easily remedied by things that make us happy. However, for those who are battling depression, the down periods don’t go away so quickly.

Depression is not merely feeling low. It’s experiencing a range of mental and physical symptoms that make it impossible to cope with anything. More than 20 million Americans suffer from depression. Middle-aged adults, females, African Americans and Hispanics have the highest risk of depression.

As a chronic illness, depression all too often triggers substance abuse. This is particularly the case because many depressed individuals reach for alcohol and drugs as a way to numb their feelings. The problem with this is that once a person starts using drugs to deal with depression, they develop addiction and start relying on drugs to self- medicate.

In reality, turning to alcohol and drugs won't help depression. It worsens the situation and causes an individual to enter a downward spiral where they become dependent on substances as they try in vain to self-medicate.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

People suffering from depression experience five or more of the following symptoms simultaneously:

  • Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, low energy or guilt
  • Intense feeling of sadness
  • Lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed
  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Generalized body aches and pains
  • Suicidal thoughts and restlessness

Does depression cause addiction? Or is it the other way around? Experts say it’s both. Alcohol is a known depressant, so drinking alone can make one feel depressed. For most people, bad days come and go in a reasonable fashion but for those who suffer with depression, the lows hang around for longer than is often comfortable. Depression affects millions of people keeping them from living normal, happy lives. When clinically depressed people also abuse drugs and alcohol, the result can be life-threatening.

Tranquil Shores is equipped to handle psychiatric problems as well as drug and alcohol addiction. Our professionals assist with proper detox, counseling and aftercare planning. As an integrated Dual Diagnosis program Tranquil Shores incorporates counseling, peer support, education, and relapse prevention for both depression and substance abuse.

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What to Expect in Tranquil Shores Programs

comprehensive-treatment-for-depressionDepression and addiction aren’t simple diseases. That is why an effective, multi-faceted treatment approach must be established to address all the interrelated problems that cause and drive both conditions. At Tranquil Shores, we believe an individualized, holistic treatment plan is one of the best ways to initiate recovery and long-term sobriety. Every patient is unique and has different issues. A comprehensive rehab facility like Tranquil Shores can address specific obstacles and help each person overcome their addiction and depression problems.

Our comprehensive treatment program for depression and substance abuse focuses on the depression itself and not just the symptoms of the condition. Many factors can cause depression. Unless you treat the depression itself as well as the problems causing the depression, you aren't going to recover fully. Tranquil Shores is an all-inclusive dual-diagnosis recovery center, meaning we go the extra mile to provide you with everything that will help you reclaim your life.

We do this through programs like:

  • Customized treatment plans
  • Personalized treatment plans designed to meet your specific needs
  • Group and family treatment programs

The first step to our treatment program involves inpatient therapy where we focus on helping you improve your self-esteem, identify the root source of your depression, manage your emotions, address your problems and teach you how to prevent relapse in future.

In the second and final step of our holistic program, we provide a healthy and safe living environment to help you focus on yourself and how you can prevent relapse. We also provide generalized training to equip you with the knowledge and skills to grow and develop your personal and professional life outside of rehab.

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Treatment Programs for Depression in Tampa

The compassionate counselors at Tranquil Shores strive to treat the mind, body and soul. We do this by addressing physical, mental, behavioral, emotional, spiritual and social aspects, utilizing the concept of the whole person and all of its parts. This includes exposing our clients to many alternative healing techniques such as yoga, acupuncture, Tai Chi, KaiChiDo, crystal bowl sound healing and gong meditation.

For us to provide top-notch services, we have incorporated a client-counselor ratio of four to one, meaning that our counselors and therapists can give you their full attention and better understand you as a person. This allows your counselor to realize your specific needs and develop an effective customized plan to help you reclaim your life.

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Depression and substance abuse only feed into each other. Put an end to this cycle today with evidence-based and results-driven rehab treatment from the professionals at Tranquil Shores. Whether you want to get your life on track or help a loved one get over depression, the caring staff at Tranquil Shores is ready to help. Contact Tranquil Shores by calling (727) 391-7001 or (877) 566-1166 to speak with us today.

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*Updated October 9, 2017