What is Addiction? What Causes Addiction?

  Addiction is a mental illness and chronic disease that affects the brain and the body. There’s a connection between genetics and addiction, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Addiction causes can be difficult to pinpoint. The effect... read more

Motivating Addicts to Get Help

  August 18, 2017 – When you love someone, something bad happening to them feels like it happens to you, too. It’s almost harder to watch a loved one struggle with an injury or disease than it is to be the patient yourself. The feeling of hel... read more

Addiction in the Elderly

  Did you know that 2.5 million older adults in the United States today have a drug or alcohol problem? There is a rising concern over the prevalence of substance abuse among adults over age 60 as research begins to shed light on a very real problem... read more

20 Lies Addicts Tell Themselves

  Addicts lie. They lie to their bosses, their friends, their families and most of all — to themselves. Addicts lie to protect themselves from the painful truth — that their drinking or drug abuse is no longer under their control. No one likes to... read more