Joint Commission Accredited Rehab Center

Tranquil Shores is a Joint Commission (JCAHO) Accredited substance abuse recovery center in St. Petersburg, Florida that specializes in addiction recovery treatment programs for adults 18 years of age and older. Led by our team of caring professionals, our holistic treatment services have helped men and women from around the world free themselves from dependency and achieve sobriety. Our programs address substance abuse alongside the medical and psychological issues that can accompany the downward spiral of addiction. We accept most major medical insurances and have a dedicated staff available to discuss your questions and connect with you a program that best fits your needs.

Programs & Treatments for Substance Use

At Tranquil Shores, we don't treat addiction — we treat people. Our integrated recovery services are fused into a package that addresses your physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, social and spiritual needs. By catering to each individual yet critical aspect of your life, we can help guide you to a healthy and happy addiction-free lifestyle.

Our Alcohol Rehabilitation & Treatment Program provides a personalized approach to recovery from alcohol addiction and our Drug Rehabilitation & Treatment Program provides specialized treatment based on the type of drug and background of each client. We also offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment and private Executive Rehab Services.

Our knowledgeable staff develops a personalized recovery plan based on your needs. Some of the many therapies we use in our recovery programs include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,Group Therapy, Experiential Therapy & more. At Tranquil Shores, we stay committed to finding the treatment options that provide you with the support you need as you achieve and sustain your sobriety.

Our Mission & Values

Tranquil Shores is dedicated to the long-term success of individuals struggling to break free of addiction and live a happy, meaningful life. We understand that each person faces a unique journey back to health, and we are here to provide guidance and support to them and their loved ones. All of our counselors, therapists and administrative staff are committed to upholding our values:

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Gratitude
  • Spirituality
  • Excellence

Our team of certified specialists is unique in their preparation and experience in dealing with all types and aspects of addiction. Our caring staff is dedicated to providing personalized attention, catering to the needs of our clients and using their training and expertise to facilitate comfort and healing through challenging times.

About Our 3-to-1 Client to Counselor Ratio

At Tranquil Shores, we realize each of our clients requires personalized attention to successfully identify and overcome the things that trigger their substance abuse. We’ve established a 3-to-1 client to counselor ratio, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the individual focus you deserve. Our Joint Commission accredited treatment program can ensure:

  • Person-centered approach to client care
  • Provision of safe rehabilitation practices
  • Adherence to Policy & Procedure Standards
  • Integrated services and coordinated plan of care
  • Research-based interventions
  • Client heals in a protective environment
  • Medical Stabilization, psychiatric treatment, and support

With only three clients assigned to each counselor, we can take the time to really get to know you and address your evolving needs as you grow through the recovery process. Addiction recovery is a personal experience — at Tranquil Shores, we make recovery personal, too.


Our Facilities Located in Madeira Beach, Florida

In order to free yourself from addiction and regain control of your life, you need to be immersed in a supportive environment that allows you to gather strength and focus on recovery. Tranquil Shores drug and alcohol abuse treatment center is located in the small community of Madeira Beach just outside of St. Petersburg in the greater Tampa area. Full of long, sandy beaches and warm rays of sunshine, Madeira Beach offers beautiful views and calm waters that can surround you with serenity.

As you take the steps necessary to learn to overcome and manage your addiction, it's critical your environment allows you to focus on achieving sobriety. Our 24-bed facility nestled just inside a small barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico provides a calm and peaceful place for those struggling with substance dependency to heal. As you progress through treatment surrounded by those who share the same struggle, you'll learn how to manage your addiction and resist the temptation of drugs and/or alcohol.

You don't have to face your addiction alone. Tranquil Shores can help you break away from your drug or alcohol dependency as we have for many other people before you. Take a virtual tour of our holistic drug rehab treatment center and learn how to get over addiction at our private facility located in Tampa, FL.

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Why Choose Tranquil Shores?

The decision to seek treatment for a substance abuse disorder is one of the most difficult choices an individual struggling with addiction can make.

The thought of breaking free from dependency and living a life without drugs or alcohol can be frightening, and the idea of entering into an inpatient rehab facility or receiving outpatient addiction services can seem overwhelming. We want to assure all of those who seek help from Tranquil Shores that we understand the seriousness of your situation and will fully support you throughout your journey. Our staff takes every opportunity to ensure your time at our holistic drug rehab treatment center focuses on your specific and evolving needs. At our peaceful facility on the western shore of Florida, clients receive comprehensive treatment through diverse individual and group programs designed to address and resolve the inner conflicts that may fuel addiction. Men and women from all walks of life choose to receive treatment for their substance dependency from Tranquil Shores because of our dedication to doing things the best way. Some of the benefits you'll receive during your time at Tranquil Shores include:

Holistic Recovery

Our team of dedicated professionals provides alcohol and drug addiction recovery support through holistic treatment services that can help you reclaim control of your life.

Personalized Care

An addiction is as unique as the individual that suffers from it. At Tranquil Shores, we give personalized care that meets your physical and emotional needs to focus your plan on successful long-term recovery.

Healing Environment

Our compassionate facility on Madeira Beach is a peaceful environment in which we offer safe healing alternatives for those who hope to find the serenity, strength and focus needed to overcome addiction.

Life Changing Experiences

Tranquil Shores is a private drug and alcohol treatment center in Tampa, FL, dedicated to providing men and women with innovative and personalized substance abuse therapies. We’ve helped many individuals manage their addictions and reclaim their lives.

Evidence-Based Treatement

Using evidence-based practices, the counselors at Tranquil Shores create individualized and comprehensive plans that treat many forms of addiction and co-occurring mental disorders influencing the addiction.

Family Involvement

At Tranquil Shores, we acknowledge addiction impacts others besides the individual struggling with substance abuse. Along with our treatment programs, we also offer family therapy and other resources to help family members heal.

Continuum of Care and Alumni Services

Like many other diseases, addiction does not have a cure. Tranquil Shores understands that managing your addiction and sustaining your sobriety requires patience, determination and support even after you leave our residential treatment center. Though our programs are designed to help you reconcile inner conflicts and stop the behaviors, lifestyle choices and thoughts that trigger the desire to abuse substances, we also seek to provide our clients with the tools they need to succeed in life once their rehab has been completed.

Unfortunately, relapse may occur even after stays in holistic drug rehab treatment centers. Tranquil Shores provides the aftercare necessary to reduce the chances of this happening. During treatment, you’ll develop the skills required to help you maintain sobriety during the transition to your addiction-free life. Our counselors guide and support you as you cope with stressful situations that encourage relapse. This customized plan will continue to meet your evolving needs, which involves meeting with support groups and dedicating yourself to your recovery.

Tranquil Shores also has an Alumni Program available for all of our previous clients to attend. We host monthly meetings, workshops and other events to help you stay focused on sobriety. Becoming engaged with others also progressing through this journey may allow you to share your experiences, renew your strength and reaffirm your commitment to recovery. Our Tampa facility has many ways for alumni to stay connected with Tranquil Shores, including:

  • Monthly meetings and quarterly events
  • Newsletters that share stories and insight
  • Recovery anniversary celebrations
  • Bi-monthly support groups and workshops
  • Sponsored community events

Information for Referring Professionals

The importance of a strong and diverse support system in the fight against addiction cannot be overstated. Many practitioners may seek out specialized addiction intervention services like medical detoxification and inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation. Tranquil Shores understands these physicians want the best for their patients, which is why we're ready to work together with other treatment professionals to help provide these clients with comprehensive treatment plans that assist in helping the individual achieve long-term sobriety. We offer a variety of individualized services targeted to their unique struggles. We provide specialized substance abuse treatment including but not limited to the following:

  • Addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, internet and video games.
  • Psychological afflictions and dual diagnosis like anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, insomnia, grief, emotional disturbance, ADHD, BPD, anger, self-harming and suicide ideation.
  • Sexuality- and gender-focused treatment for those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender.
  • Treatment programs like dual disorder recovery counseling, intensive outpatient care, continuous care/aftercare and adult residential care.
  • Outpatient and residential treatment, including extended care/long-term treatment and partial hospitalization.
  • Single, group and familial treatment approaches using therapies like coaching, intervention, MBCT, cognitive behavioral therapy, DTB, marital therapy, expressive art therapy and accelerated resolution therapy.

Tranquil Shores provides your referred clients with the addiction treatment programs and dual diagnosis therapies they need to overcome their addiction. Our internationally recognized substance abuse counselors develop customized treatment plans that cater to the unique challenges they confront in their daily lives. If you believe your patient would benefit from the specialized treatment options available at Tranquil Shores, speak with one of our counselors to learn more about our programs.

Family Services for Those Seeking Help for Family Members With Addiction

When a loved one struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it's not just the individual who suffers. Addiction can deeply impact every aspect of a person's life, and their families are often severely damaged when this disease is left untreated. Tranquil Shores provides therapy programs and resources for those who have a family member battling drug or alcohol dependency. We believe recovery is important to the whole family and are committed to helping the parents, siblings, children and spouses facing these addictions.

Tranquil Shores offers family therapy for drug and alcohol addiction that assesses family dynamics and identifies how these relationships impact the individual suffering from addiction. This comprehensive approach also seeks to address and resolve relationship issues within the family so they can learn to positively support the family member who is struggling with substance dependency. When the client decides to include their loved ones in the treatment process, family members may be integrated into the rehabilitation in a variety of ways, including:

  • Weekly communication to update family members on the recovery process.
  • Group sessions tailored to the specific needs of the family dynamic.
  • Monthly private family counseling to promote healthy communication, boundaries and recovery.
  • Preparation for the individual to return home to a supportive family dynamic that promotes sobriety and lasting recovery.

Admissions Process to Seek Help for Substance Abuse Problems

The path to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction begins with the courageous decision to seek assistance. If you're ready to take this essential first step toward sobriety, we invite you to apply for admission to our addiction rehabilitation treatment center. Tranquil Shores understands this is not an easy decision. Rest assured that our compassionate staff is here to guide and support you throughout the admissions process. Speak confidentially with a counselor 24-hours a day by calling (727) 391-7001 or toll free at (877) 566-1166.

Demonstrating understanding and respect for your addiction, our admissions team is ready to help you take the first step away from dependency to sobriety. A highly trained substance abuse counselor is available day or night, including holidays, to get you help for your addiction. After welcoming you to Tranquil Shores, a licensed therapist will work with you to develop a unique treatment experience that meets and adjusts to your evolving needs.

Tranquil Shores also provides incoming clients with a detailed list of what items you'll need throughout treatment, which includes paperwork, toiletries, clothing, money and electronics. Along with these essentials, we also believe each individual should enter into treatment with optimism, positivity and a readiness to immerse themselves in our various treatment programs. Addiction is a complex disease, but with a willingness and dedication to achieving sobriety, substance abuse can be overcome.

If you or a loved one is ready to take the next step to break free from the grip of addiction, please call today to speak with an admission specialist. Remember, you are not alone in this journey. The caring and supportive community at Tranquil Shores in Tampa, FL, is here to help you every step of the way.

We Work With Insurance Providers to Ensure Your Continued Treatment Coverage

At Tranquil Shores, we believe every woman and man struggling with a substance abuse disorder should have access to comprehensive addiction treatment.

If you've made the decision to regain control of your life, we encourage you to begin your journey with our support. As you start to apply for admission into our treatment programs, you can rest assured we make every effort to help you secure the best treatment plan for your needs by working with a variety of insurances. Nothing should stand in the way of an individual's ability to receive professional care for their addiction. Those seeking help for their drug or alcohol addiction can easily verify their insurance on our website. We work with a variety of insurance providers, and we believe that individuals who want to free themselves from dependency should not have to fear rejection from treatment programs due to differences in insurance plans. We're committed to working with every individual so that they can get the help that they need. Some of the insurance providers we accept include:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Magellan Health
  • Tufts
  • UMR
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Beacon
  • Meritain Health
  • MagnaCare
  • GEHA
  • Humana
  • Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare

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Tranquil Shores is a private Tampa Bay drug rehab center that serves the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Sarasota, Seminole and the greater Tampa area. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, customized substance addiction rehab services for you or a loved one. We focus on long-term success for each individual and family.

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