Schedules are busier than ever these days for every lifestyle.  Many houses are dual income with both adults working full time and taking care of the household and family.  Being a single parent is very common with all of the workload falling on one person.  There are also many working professionals with more job responsibilities and expectations than ever.  Stress is often a product of all of these scenarios, and at the end of the day one usually has a mechanism to relax.

Exercise, a hot bath or talking with a loved one are some common, healthy habits.  However, sometimes unhealthy habits get started and can be hard to break.  Ever hear the expression “Old Habits Die Hard”?  Substance abuse is more prevalent than you would think in many households that would probably surprise you.  It does not discriminate against income level, education or accomplishments.  It can start out manageable and become something you may want to but can’t stop from using.

At Tranquil Shores we can help treat the underlying cause of your substance abuse addiction.  With our Masters Level, licensed clinicians we can help you address your underlying hurts that are causing the unhealthy habit.

You are not alone; at Tranquil Shores you can ReClaim Your Life!

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