Happy Valentine’s Day from Tranquil Shores

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it is the perfect time to show your significant other how much you care.   If your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, the best way to show you care is to support them in getting the help they need.  Visit... read more

From Managing Pain to Addiction

Katie’s story has been told by countless others; “I was being treated for pain and instantly became an opiate addict after my first shot of morphine.” In the United States, morphine is categorized as a “Schedule 2 Drug” by the DEA. This ... read more

President Obama focus on Opioid Crisis

“This is a problem that spans from inner city to outer suburbs, it does not discriminate.” President Obama was in Atlanta today attending the National Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit.  According to the Center for Disease Control about 28,00... read more

Tranquil Shores Alumni: Jill’s Story

Tranquil Shores is unique when it comes to follow-up with former clients. The alumni group at Tranquil Shores are offered many opportunities to assist them after they leave the confines of treatment.  Some of the activities on offer are art of recovery: ... read more

Phelps Found Himself in Rehab

Winning his 28th Gold Medal in Rio propelled Michael Phelps to superswim stardom and he claims his newly-found strength comes from looking within. After a DUI arrest in Baltimore in 2014, Phelps’ world began to unravel. Isolated and afraid, he even admi... read more