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You may think your alcoholism makes you just like someone else in your family or someone you’ve known a long time. There may be some similarities, but your addiction is actually unique and personal to you. Even if you share genetics with another addict, your life experiences and specific health profile make your struggle different.

At Tranquil Shores’ rehabilitation center in Tampa, Florida, we recognize your unique addiction story and understand the importance of a personalized treatment plan for long-term success in recovery. If you’re searching for an alcohol rehabilitation center in Tampa that will treat you as the unique individual you are, you’ve found the one in Tranquil Shores.

Integrated Recovery Model and 4-to-1 Client-Counselor Ratio

Addiction affects every aspect of your life, and at Tranquil Shores’ alcohol rehab treatment center in Tampa, Florida, our integrated approach to treatment ensures all parts of your life are treated. Our integrated recovery model focuses on your mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being and incorporates family through weekly sessions and groups.

Maintaining a low client to counselor ratio ensures you get the personal attention you need to reclaim your life. We believe a holistic, personalized recovery program is the best way to help you reach your goals of a lasting recovery.

Medical Detox

The first step toward your lasting recovery from alcohol addiction is detox. Detoxing from alcohol can have serious health implications and should only be done with proper medical supervision. Tranquil Shores provides that medical supervision for your detox and we make you as comfortable as possible during your recovery.

Detox has to happen, but it doesn’t have to hurt. Admitting you have a problem with alcohol is painful enough without suffering any increased indignities in the detox process. Tranquil Shores alcohol rehab center provides a safe and relaxed environment for you to undergo medical detox with medical treatment to ease any discomforts of the detox process.

Medical Detox

Safe, medical detoxification to begin your road to recovery

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Repair & Recovery

By evaluating your physical and mental health at our inpatient alcohol rehab in Tampa, Tranquil Shores can help you heal your life and recover from addiction. Addiction often accompanies other conditions which, intertwined, create your current state. A proper diagnosis at this stage and continuing evaluations lay the foundation for your treatment plan.

Dual diagnosis, an addiction and another mental illness occurring at the same time, is a specialized type of treatment that we provide at Tranquil Shores. A personalized treatment program will include any specialty services that are appropriate for your unique situation.

Recovery looks different for each individual. Our highly-trained staff will continually evaluate your progress and make changes to your treatment plan as necessary. Recovery takes time, but we’re here to make it as comfortable as possible with the end goal of lasting results. Upon completion of the program, Tranquil Shores offers free group therapy to our alumni. Contact Tranquil Shores for more information about our commitment to lasting recovery and post-care treatment.

Life Changing Experiences & Holistic Recovery

Brian's Story

Find out why Tranquil Shores is among the best rehab centers in Tampa, Florida by reading testimonials from our clients who have reclaimed there life from addiction. Listen to Bryan's story about addiction and recovery at Tranquil Shores Florida Rehab Treatment Facility.

Signs & Symptoms of Substance Abuse in Adults

  • Evades family/friends
  • Dwindles personal relationships
  • Experiences general family chaos
  • Breaks promises and resolutions
  • Dismisses discussions about usage of drugs/alchohol
  • Displays persistent feelings of sadness, anger, and guilt
  • Rationalizes drinking
  • Neglects eating/malnourished
  • Shows signs of physical deterioration
  • Develops an increased tolerance to substances
  • Experiences blackouts
  • Excessively misses work and commitments
  • Develops work and money problems
  • Drinks/uses drugs at work
  • Quits or loses job
  • Loses ambition and is unable to cope with responsibility
  • Changes friends/social groups
  • Uses to cope in social situations
  • Experiences disapproval of drinking/using from others
  • Preoccupied with using alcohol and/or other drugs
  • Decreased social interaction
  • Loss of outside interests
  • Loss of relationships
  • Changes personal habits such as sleeping, appetite, and personal care
  • Becomes more passive, withdrawn or moody
  • Exhibits challenging and aggressive behavior
  • Talks about or attempts to commit suicide
  • Drives under the influence
  • Limited income
  • Financial collapse
  • Loss of possessions
  • Excessive credit card debts
  • Alcohol or other drug-related charges/arrests
  • Legal problems correlated with drug and alcohol use
  • Probation or parole infractionsinfractions

When suffering from addiction it can be difficult to let old habits go. Starting a new by getting help, healing, and developing a healthy lifestyle should be incentive enough…. But, in reality it’s not always the case.

Staying in the same routine creates the illusion of comfort. However, there is nothing comfortable about being out of control with substance abuse. If you have concerns about a change in a someone close to you, it is important to know that these signs and symptoms don't need to occur at the same time, in any order or even more than once for you to take action on your concern.

Reaching out for help is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Tranquil Shores can help you heal and provide you with the support system so you can stay on track with your new lifestyle and freedom from addiction.

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Aftercare & Family Programs

Aftercare is an important part of addiction recovery, even though it takes place after you leave Tranquil Shores. We begin to integrate aftercare strategies while you are still safely in our comfortable environment to help ensure a smooth transition from rehab back to your home life. You will learn how to maintain your sobriety outside of Tranquil Shores and we’ll even help connect you with groups or counselors in your own community that could be beneficial to you.

Tranquil Shores also offers family programs to incorporate your loved ones into your recovery program. They can become a vital part of your aftercare and provide ongoing support for your lasting recovery.

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