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You’re an individual.

You’re not a number in a set of statistics. So it’s important that your individual needs are addressed. Your unique life, personal learning style, strengths, talents and knowledge, and goals — all contribute to your recovery process.

Tranquil Shores addresses your addiction by giving you individual attention, focused on your unique situation. You will receive a high level of support, attention and understanding. This enables you and your counselor to develop a relationship to achieve your goals in recovery.

One way Tranquil Shores achieves this individual attention is through its client-to-counselor ratio. The lower this ratio is, the more visible each client is to a counselor, and the more the counselor comes to understand the client as a person.

What is a good client-to-counselor ratio?

Some professional healthcare associations have made recommendations for standards. About half the states in the country mandate standards for licensure of rehabilitation programs.(2) For example, New Jersey and Iowa require a maximum 8:1 ratio(3), while in Colorado it’s 12:1.(4)

SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, rates client-to-counselor ratios as:

  • Low: 4 clients or fewer per staff
  • Medium: 5 to 14 clients per staff
  • High: more than 14 clients per staff (1)

Tranquil Shores has set a very high client-to-counselor standard. Our ratio is 4:1. This allows your counselor to get to know you as an individual and provide the support you need. It allows your counselor and you to mutually understand your individual addiction, and develop your plan to reclaim your life.

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