Finding and participating in a recovery support group is unquestionably helpful. But how do you find one? With the Internet, your options are nearly endless.

Many websites can help. is one. Enter a topic (for example, “support group”) and your town or zip code, and you’ll be surprised by the number of listings. Each listing has links to further information, helping you decide if it’s right for you.

But suppose you live in an isolated area, with the best support group hundreds of miles away. Do you give up? Absolutely not! You can still participate remotely through discussion forums. Interact safely and anonymously with people anywhere on Earth who have faced the same challenges that you have. Offer your support. Get support right back.

There is so much help available on the Internet, that you sometimes need help to find help. Don’t worry. If you find it intimidating, we at Tranquil Shores can get you started. Our staff has experience in connecting the recovering addict—wherever you are—with groups that will support your quest to reclaim your life.

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