“This is a problem that spans from inner city to outer suburbs, it does not discriminate.” President Obama was in Atlanta today attending the National Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit.  According to the Center for Disease Control about 28,000 people in America died from overdoses on heroin and other opioids in 2014. Nancy Hale with Operation Unit is one of the leaders hosting the summit. She says the rise in heroin deaths being seen around metro Atlanta is similar to what’s being seen in other parts of the country. According to her figures, more people are dying from drug overdoses than car accidents. “It’s not like someone wakes up in the morning and decides to start abusing heroin”, Hale says, “there are gateways that lead to it.” Dr. Leanna Wenn, an ER Doctor on the panel said, when she sees patients come into the ER that are addicted, they often want treatment there and then, and that’s not always easy to do.” The President said, “We want to decrease demand for these drugs and the only way we can do that is to provide treatment, this is a public health issue not a criminal problem.”

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