Winning his 28th Gold Medal in Rio propelled Michael Phelps to superswim stardom and he claims his newly-found strength comes from looking within.

After a DUI arrest in Baltimore in 2014, Phelps’ world began to unravel. Isolated and afraid, he even admitted to contemplating suicide. Such is the story for so many who struggle with alcohol and/or drug abuse. “ This disease does not discriminate.” Says Tranquil Shores’ counselor Rob Sanchez. “Phelps’ story is similar to so many clients we treat here at Tranquil Shores, says Sanchez, one day they’re on top of the world and the next they’re at the bottom, a bottom so low, many consider taking their own lives.”

Phelps sought treatment determined to reckon with the demons of his past which ultimately resulted in reuniting with his estranged father. Another benefit for Phelps in seeking treatment was his reunification with his now fiancé and the birth of his baby Boomer. “It’s hard to believe when you are at your lowest low that you can recover, that you can find joy and peace in your life again. We see it happen here every day” says Sanchez.

You don’t have to be a superstar to fall to rock bottom. Let the credentialed counselors at Tranquil Shores give you hope, find meaning again and reclaim your life!