The staff at Tranquil Shores are consistently looking for new ways for clients to express themselves.  As part of that effort, Tranquil Shores will now offer Musicology with Robert Sanchez LMHC MAP.

This is an expressive based group utilizing music to explore and address a variety of emotional, cognitive and social needs. As a former morning drive D.J., therapist Sanchez knows a thing or two about music. “It’s been documented that music holds a specific emotional space in our brains, says Sanchez, this group gives the clients the opportunity to tap into that emotion and express feelings in a non-verbal way.”

The group will use a variety of musical genres adopted by its members to foster engagement in their treatment, increase communication and offer alternative avenues of expression. The use of music can be particularly helpful for those who find it difficult to verbally express themselves. Members will be creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music in a safe therapeutic environment.

Group members will be able to use the music as an outlet for the expression of their thoughts, feeling and emotions. “ Last week the clients wrote their own rap song using quotes that were provided to them, I think many of them were surprised at the message they revealed.” Musicology is the newest therapy tool adopted by Tranquil Shores in an effort to give the clients multiple forms of expression as they learn to heal.