Many clients enter Tranquil Shores with a rather large deficit in the financial department. Either they have lost their jobs due to their substance abuse or they never actually learned how to manage their finances. Money Matters with Rachel Lane CFP, is a new group focus at Tranquil Shores designed to help those who are ready to become financially responsible but lack the knowledge. “You can apply the same skills you used to acquire and budget your money to maintain your addiction as you can to fulfill your dreams for the future,” says Lane .The Money Matters group will focus on the basics of making money (legally), and handling it profitably. “We will learn how to save sufficiently for whatever it is the client wants for their new life in recovery.” Whether the clients have money right now or not, everyone could use some extra help learning how to manage finances more effectively. Tranquil Shores is dedicated to helping our clients navigate sobriety and know that getting sober is just the first step; our focus is on the basic skills necessary to become a responsible member of society. Call now and Reclaim Your Life!