Short Stay Substance Abuse Recovery Services

Many people experiencing co-occurring disorders or addiction might be referred to inpatient programs for structured care until their situation stabilizes. Inpatient rehabilitation is similar to hospitalization for addiction recovery and can be the best approach to an individual’s addiction recovery. Tranquil Shores short stay rehabilitation program typically lasts for 30 days and offers a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery in a caring, controlled environment.

Who Needs Short Stay Recovery Services?

Tranquil Shores' short stay program offers the unique opportunity for individuals to separate from their home environment in order to focus on healing. For some people struggling with addiction, their environment contributes to their habits. When your closest social circle is involved in drug abuse and alcohol, it can be difficult to abstain.

One of the benefits of enrolling in Tranquil Shores’ rehab program is the separation from your daily life. The stresses of work and family obligations can become overwhelming when coupled with active substance abuse. Sometimes your closest relationships are not healthy ones. To overcome your addiction, you need to learn healthy ways to alleviate the stresses that are weighing you down.

With our short stay program, you will have an immediate support system to help you get through the beginning part of your recovery.

Addiction rehab is hard, and no one goes through it alone at Tranquil Shores.

What to Expect in  Rehab

At Tranquil Shores, you can have private accommodations facing the beach on the Gulf of Mexico. You will spend part of your time watching the sunset and participating in fun outdoor activities. Tranquil Shores short stay rehab program caters to all of your necessary comforts while you progress through an individualized rehab program.

Tranquil Shores has a family feel and incorporates family visits and therapy sessions to help you heal your family relationships while you work on your recovery. Our integrated recovery program helps rebuild your confidence so you can work on the relationships that are most important to you.

The comprehensive nature of our short stay program provides the right atmosphere for many people suffering from addiction. Your days are filled with therapeutic activities and surrounded by professionals who guide your recovery. It’s a safe environment with a lot of support to get your recovery started right and protect against relapse. Upon completion of the program, Tranquil Shores offers free group therapy to our alumni. Contact Tranquil Shores for more information about our commitment to lasting recovery and post-care treatment.

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With a beautiful and relaxing setting between the Gulf of Mexico and the Boca Bay off the west coast of Florida. Tranquil Shores provides a nurturing atmosphere for addiction recovery. Our low client-to-counselor ratio ensures the type of personal attention you need to feel important and develop the self-confidence to overcome addiction and heal your life.

Our philosophy of addiction recovery is to make our clients as comfortable as possible through this difficult time in their lives. We include additional services where appropriate to ease the pain of withdrawal and help you embrace the substance-free lifestyle.

Call (727) 391-7001 or (877) 566-1166 today if you or someone you love is ready to begin the long journey to addiction recovery.

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