Many clients arrive at Tranquil Shores with issues other than substance abuse such as malnutrition, poor physical condition and insomnia.  Not only do the chemicals they have been inducing lead to an unhealthy state; active addiction is, almost always, in conjunction with poor health. Optimal nutrition  and other self-care objectives specific to rebuild the body after the damaging effects of chemicals is the focus of Tranquil Shores new group, Health and Wellness with Jake Morris, MS. “We will be exploring behaviors and attitudes necessary to improve the quality of life and its contribution to longevity in recovery,” says Morris.  Topics of exploration include, but are not limited to, food planning, reading nutritional labels and the benefits of juicing. “We will also take a look at the hidden dangers of sugar, nicotine and caffeine.” The goal of the group is to increase motivation, relaxation, exercise and sleep hygiene. Tranquil Shores aspires to treat the whole client; our program is not limited to learning about addiction but rather a better way to live life free of addiction.  Taking personal responsibility for the client’s health is essential to success in sobriety. Call today and reclaim your life!