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Cocaine, or crack, has a reputation for being a glamorous drug used by the rich and famous; but in reality, all forms of cocaine are extremely addictive and no one's behavior while in the throws of addiction is particularly glamorous.

Regardless of how you stumbled into a cocaine addiction, whether you enjoyed the status of the high or were looking for a performance edge, you need a cocaine drug rehab to help you break the hold of addiction and put your life back together. From a personal 3-to-1 approach to recovery, Tranquil Shores can help you to recover from your cocaine addiction.

Signs You Need Treatment for Cocaine Abuse in Tampa

Cocaine is such a powerful drug that it is possible to get addicted after just one use. The first instinct of someone struggling with addiction is to hide his drug use and deny there is a problem. Denying addiction often delays treatment, and the addiction then becomes stronger. Other signs include increased agitation, frequent nosebleeds and runny nose, inability to focus, twitches or tics, and cardiac problems.

A cocaine addiction can be life-threatening and does not resolve on its own. If you are addicted to cocaine or any other drug, you will need professional help to overcome that addiction.

How to Get Help for a Loved One Seeking Help

If you have a loved one struggling with a cocaine addiction, it is natural to want to help. Intervening in an addiction situation can be difficult and requires a delicate approach. In most cases, the power of addiction is so strong that people would do or say anything to continue their habit.

Tranquil Shores has experience treating cocaine addictions and helping family members as part of the recovery plan. We can answer all of your questions about cocaine addiction and advise you in step you can take to get your loved one into Tranquil Shores for the recovery assistance they need.


As the addiction deepens, the damage compounds and it becomes that much harder to overcome the addiction.

Recovery from Cocaine Addiction

The first step to cocaine addiction rehab is a medically supervised detox to make the process as comfortable and safe as possible.

Detoxing from cocaine can be risky and should only happen with the proper medical assistance. Getting the cocaine out of your system will stop the damage and allow your brain to begin healing. Detox alone does not stop the cravings, however. You need a robust recovery program with medical detox to reduce the cravings and teach you how to manage them so you can focus on the rest of your treatment.

Our Philosophy on Cocaine Addiction

Our highly-trained staff at Tranquil Shores is ready to help you recover from cocaine addiction and attain an abstinence-based lifestyle. Many of the members of our licensed clinical team are internationally recognized for their expertise and success in treating various types of addiction, including cocaine and crack addiction. The compassionate care and confidential healing that takes place at Tranquil Shores are continued through aftercare and supported always.

We believe the duration of your recovery program should not be an arbitrary length of time, but instead be defined by the progress you make. We offer private housing where clients are encouraged to bring their personal effects, relax and be themselves. And we create a family atmosphere by incorporating visiting family members into the healing process.

Why Tranquil Shores?

For treatment for cocaine abuse in Tampa, you want to choose the right rehab. We have a proven track-record of success at Tranquil Shores that is echoed in the testimonials we receive from clients every day. They remark about the caring nature of our highly-trained staff and the personalized attention they received at Tranquil Shores.

Our low client-to-counselor ratio is a benefit you’ll not find in other rehab centers, and is one of the reasons for our success. With only four clients for each counselor, our counselors can focus on every detail of your recovery. The integrated recovery model we use to treat all aspects of our clients, not just their addiction, is a further advantage for our clients.

Call Tranquil Shores at (727) 391-7001 or (877) 566-1166 to get help for yourself or a loved one struggling with cocaine addiction.


But you need professional help now.

Effects of Cocaine Use

“Crack” is a form of cocaine. Both have the same disastrous effects on human life and happiness. But there are differences that make crack more attractive to some users.

Crack is a solid crystal. It is less pure than powdered cocaine, thus cheaper. Smoking crack produces a quicker, more intense “high” than snorting or injecting cocaine.

While the “hit” (a sadly appropriate term) from crack doesn’t last as long as from powdered cocaine, its damage is as lasting. That includes severe strain on the heart and the rest of the circulatory system; respiratory system damage, causing shortness of breath and coughing; effects to the nervous system, including convulsions; a strong psychological dependancy, making the abuser want more of it and more often, leading to financial ruin.

The typical result of coming down from that short-lived high: depression. Lethargy. Apathy. Not wanting to do anything, or caring about anything, except… that next high.

If you’ve become addicted to crack, please understand: Your addiction can be overcome. But you need professional help now. The staff at Tranquil Shores is very experienced in treating crack use. They’ve seen and understand the terrible craving that has hold of you. Years of accumulated acquired knowledge and expertise will be applied to your personal situation, so that soon, you will be able to proudly, happily, confidently reclaim your life.

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