About Building Blocks

Substance abuse and parenting don’t always go so well together. Many clients come to Tranquil Shores lacking the skills necessary to properly care for their children and often times have even lost the privilege of doing so. Building Blocks, a new group session with Melissa Pier MS, was created with addicted parents needs in mind.

“Many parents are dealing with enormous guilt.” says Pier, “Shame and fear also surface which could alter the parent’s ability to be effective in this important role.” Making the decision to be both sober and the best parent you can be is the essential gift you can give your child.

The Focus of Building Blocks

Living a happy, useful, sober life and cultivating coping skills for dealing with obstacles associated with parenting are paramount in recovery. The focus of the group includes:

  • Rebuilding trust
  • Becoming effective role models
  • Developing improved parenting skills
  • Learning tools for positive parenting
  1. Rebuilding trust
  2. Becoming effective role models
  3. Developing improved parenting skills
  4. Learning tools for positive parenting

At Tranquil Shores, we understand the challenges of family life when making the decision to get sober. Our highly credentialed therapist challenge clients to be the best they can be as they travel the happy road to recovery. Call today and reclaim your life!