For most addicts, some kind of a traumatic event precedes their substance abuse. The healing process for those impacted by trauma is oftentimes stunted by a combination of problems ranging from addictions to total disassociating with life. Broken Open, a new special session at Tranquil Shores lead by Lynn Pyz, CAP, addresses these events that can lead to devastating consequences. “In this group clients will address their obstacles with safety, self-care and regulating one’s emotions and behavior,” says Pyz. “We will also create a road map to healing.” Other topics to be explored include emotional dysregulation and relationship difficulties. In recognizing unhealthy behavior patterns, and beliefs, that have allowed them to maintain self-defeating behaviors, clients will have the ability to increase their awareness and develop the skills which will assist them in new and healthier responses. According to Pyz, “The opportunity to write your new story awaits!”  Broken Open is just one of fifteen new specialty group sessions recently added to the Tranquil Shores curriculum. We pride ourselves in keeping up with relevant clinical trends offering our clients cutting –edge topics to help heal the whole person. Call today and speak with one of our credentialed counselors and reclaim your life!