About Tranquil Shores

Tranquil Shores is a private drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida that is dedicated to providing unique and personal substance abuse therapy. Our focus is on long-term success for individuals and their families.

We offer community housing in a luxury beachfront setting and a complete continuum of care to cater to your specific needs. Our substance abuse counselors will craft a treatment plan unique to your healing process and circumstances. These program features include, but are not limited to:

  • Private, Luxurious 24-Bed Facility
  • Customized Addiction Treatment
  • Family Education & Support
  • Individualized Aftercare & Discharge Planning
  • Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling

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Tranquil Shores Rehab in Tampa

Who We Treat

Tranquil Shores treats adults 18 years of age and older, whose lives have been disrupted by alcohol and drug addiction. Whether you are just beginning to experience the consequences of addiction or feeling distressed and hopeless from failed past attempts at recovery, the substance abuse counselors at Tranquil Shores develop unique drug and alcohol abuse treatment plans to meet the needs of each individual. Many clients have found sanctuary and long-term success through treatment at Tranquil Shores rehab center.

Whether your substance abuse recovery journey began out of desperation or as a result of an intervention, Tranquil Shores clients are individuals who, like you, are seeking a way out. Together, we can help you overcome addiction and Reclaim Your Life!

Our Values

Safe, medical detoxification to begin your road to recovery

Meet Our Team

Meet the staff at Tranquil Shores

Our Recovery Model

The expert clinical team at Tranquil Shores rehab center utilizes various drug and alcohol abuse treatment techniques and processes specific to the overall well-being of each individual or group. Collectively, this is referred to as the Integrative Recovery Model (IRM).

IRM is a tool used to solidify successful recovery by teaching clients a multitude of strategies in the calming atmosphere of Florida beachfront living. This recovery model boasts a myriad of treatment solutions, crafted specifically to comfort clients who are unable or unwilling to embrace traditional drug and alcohol abuse treatment methods. IRM has also proven effective for those clients experiencing post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

As substance abuse therapy progresses, clients are guided and empowered to develop relationships with community resources. This technique accelerates the completion of your individual treatment plan for you will already have established sober structures in the real-world to help transition from treatment to a life free from addiction.

Our Focus On Personalized Care

Tranquil Shores limits our counseling staff to three clients for each substance abuse counselor, unlike most other agencies that overwhelm their staff with a minimum of 12 clients for each therapist. With smaller caseloads, the relationships forged between our counselors and clients have no limit to the depths of therapy, recovery, and discovery.

Tranquil Shores offers a wide range of substance abuse therapy programs and services to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. We accept most major medical insurance plans. To verify your insurance coverage, please complete our secure online verification form. For more information, please contact Tranquil Shores at 877.566.1166.

Directions to Tranquil Shores

Our Rehab Facility is located at 4300 Duhme Road, Madeira Beach, just outside St. Petersburg in the greater Tampa area. This section of the western shore of Florida looks out into Boca Ciega Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Nestled just inside a small barrier island, we enjoy beautiful views and calm waters. Our facilities include places for recreation including weightlifting, tennis, basketball, running and more. Get Directions →

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